Short and Sweet, I just want to highlight where I go to get the information I need to make myself a better Salesforce user

Salesforce: – I love this place, and you can get almost any question answered, typically in very short order.  I would have been a way better admin and spent fewer full days trying to figure out something small if I had just jumped on here earlier.

Trailhead – Interactive learning, gamification, and badges.  All for learning Salesforce.  What could be better than that?  Covers the whole gamut, and allows you to pick the stream you want to work through.  I sure don’t miss trying to navigate through the workbooks.

Top 5 – I spend a lot of time here:

AdminHero – Brent spends the time going through in detail all things Admin.  I’ve come across many of his old posts, especially when searching for documentation examples over time, and one of the few sites I also subscribe to via email

ButtonClickAdmin – Far and away the podcast I look forward to the most every week.  This is the only Salesforce podcast I listen to on a weekly basis.  When I listen to this over This American Life (even though I’m Canadian), Planet Money, and Freakonomics you know it’s good.  They do blog posts as well – This is my go-to when I want to send an “end user” (see: simplifed) version of release notes to customers, and also for all the great work they’ve done with Process Builder and Flows.  They have come up with some really great Flow solutions to issues that previously required Apex code.

SFDC99 – David has sadly decided to discontinue this site but I’m hoping that what he worked so hard for over time will remain up for years to come.  Still the place I go to every time I need to remember how to write certain pieces of code.  He’s also the one that inspired me to start blogging, and I told him about it here

Rakesh Gupta – Working my way through his great Process Builder examples.  Well worth the time.  Do yourself a favour and create a new DevOrg for learning Process Builder though, otherwise you’ll be pulling your hair out trying not to step on top of pre-existing validation rules you had forgotten about

Just outside the Top 5

MelissaVanDyke – Quite new, she had me at “This is a blog for the ambitious administrator“.  So I’m excited for where she is going to take this.

Shell Black – Google Salesforce long enough, especially as a consultant, and you’ll find yourself on Shell’s website in short order.  There are some fantastic resources on there.

Women Code Heros – I like to cook too!  I also really like trying to learn how to code, I just don’t always have the time.  Kieren is all over the community though and I really enjoy her writing style.  I’ve always felt it important to understand the coding, even if I don’t do it myself, and I’m all about explaining it in real terms that everyone can understand.


*Each section is in alphabetical, not preferential, order.