Well, here goes my first post.

First job for everyone reading this is to go to developer.salesforce.com and get themselves a FREE developer org.  Already have one?  Get another one.  I have at least 4 and the one that I use for my success.salesforce.com questions and answers is probably the most disconnected out of all of them because I’m so often quickly adding junk fields or quick triggers just to see what works.  Don’t worry about them.  If one gets to be too much, start another one.

I’m doing my best to start this site with a clean developer org so that I’m trying less stuff on the fly that will get in the way of what I’m trying to accomplish.  My goal is to make sure that what I put up here is both easy to understand, and easy to replicate.

Got questions?  Just ask.

Want advice?  Just ask.

Got really technical Apex or Visualforce questions?  Probably best to ask someone else.  There are people out there way better than I am at that kind of thing.  The forums on developer.salesforce.com are a great place to start

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