Tracking restaurants that I want to go to has always been one of those things that has bothered me.  How hard can this possibly be?  Yet when the time comes to actually pick a restaurant to go out to, I’ve got nothing.

I was poking around Spring 15 release notes and came across this:

Literally the first thing that came to mind wasn’t business, wasn’t letting my clients know, it was that I can now track restaurants in Salesforce and know exactly where they are, thus saving those elusive clicks when my wife inevitably asks “where is it”?  Job done, I just look on here and assuming I’ve entered the address – I’ve got the information.

Setting this up is pretty straightforward.  Up until this point we haven’t done much with Accounts so it’s a fairly clean slate.

  1. Set up a new Page Layout
  2. Set up a new Record Type (Always do Page Layout first, trust me)
  3. Add fields as required
    1. I added a new “Restaurant Style” field.  Doesn’t need to be perfect, I just started with the restaurant styles I would typically frequent like Sushi, Burgers, Italian, French.  I’ll figure the rest out later.
    2. As my list expands I’ll also add general area
  4. Create a publisher action to quickly log restaurants with their address in Salesforce1

That’s it.  The setup is really easy.  You’ve already got Activities and Notes by default to track your experiences there.  Just use the Log a Call button each time you go and over time you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it will be like.

Seriously, it will now be this easy:


I can’t wait.  I’m already entering restaurants now as I go.  Deep down I feel like this will be more of a desktop thing for now, since I’ll have to enter the address properly, but in my mind I’m already trying to think about ways to datamine what I would enter through mobile, and having it take care of things in the background.

This is one of those things you can start doing before it is ready to be used.  Entering all your restaurants at once would be a daunting task, just commit to entering the ones you come across every week and before you know it you’ll have a pretty robust list ready to go.

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