Which means time for gifts.  You know what drives me nuts?  Lots of things but here are two of them related specifically to Christmas

  1. Remembering all my great gift ideas for myself that I thought of throughout the year
  2. Finding the emails that the rest of my family sent months ago with their own gift requests

We also tend to host Christmas so I think that I probably need an overall Christmas App, but for now I’ll start with gifts.

So what do I need to do to make this successful:

1. Be able to use the same functionality to “log” gifts for myself and for others, from both desktop and mobile

2. Not have gifts against all contacts, just my family contacts

3. Know where to get the gifts

4. Know how much all this stuff is going to cost me.

Step 1 – Create a new record type for family contacts

At this time we’re only doing this so that we can have a unique page layout for family contacts as well, but down the road we could also adjust available picklist values.  Record Type Overview

Here is my new family record type


I’ve also created a custom Relation field so that I can track who they are.  One would hope I know that already, but as my family grows it could prove to be useful for grouping data points…. I mean family members.

Relation Filed

Step 2 – Create myself as a contact, and also create others

This is done more often than you might think in Salesforce orgs.  For this, it’s really so that I don’t have to get too carried away with customization, and I don’t want to track gifts in two separate objects or they are going to be a pain for reporting.

Step 3 – Create gifts object

Simple custom object with a lookup to Contacts.  If you are unsure about lookups vs master-detail for something like this, read here.  This one is borderline, I went with lookup because it’s entirely possible I could change who I give gifts to

Here is my list of fields, very basic:


Included there is a lookup filter on the contact to only search for family members.  I do not ever see a time in the future where I will be logging gifts that I plan on buying for non-family members, possibly because I will never plan in advance any gift I will buy for a non-family member.

Note: Filtered Lookups are not currently supported in Salesforce1.  Safe Harbour says it should be fixed in Spring’15 which means it may already be fixed by the time you are reading this

And here is my Family contact page layout – made possible by the fact that I have a Family record type


So this is great, but again we want to make sure we optimize it for Salesforce1.  I’ll follow the same overall process I did for mileage.

1. Create a Global Action

GA Layout

Don’t forget to set Predefined Field Values.  Here I’ve set the occasion to default to Christmas because that’s the holiday where I need to track the most ideas all at once.  2. Add it to the Global Publisher Layout

3. Make sure it works

Now the only thing left is to start my shopping.

You could definitely expand this by utilizing the Printable View on the record detail page to send your list to others, create reports around who you have bought for, and even create a map to see where you need to go to pick up your gifts.  These are all items for another day.  For now I have Christmas groceries to plan

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