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Wine App


So that’s the wine cellar I’d like to have some day…..

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Object Oriented Thinking for non-Programmers



So I have an entire post written and ready to post on my upcoming Wine App but I realized that Dev Org be damned, I want to try and explain how I think about creating objects and managing object relationships.  It can be intimidating to wrap your head around them at first and I want to do my best to explain how I figure out if something should be a different object or not when building out a custom solution.

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Cross Filters Part 2 – Advanced

Top Gun Venn Diagram

If you didn’t read my first post about Cross Filters, read my first post about Cross Filters.

If it still isn’t clear after you’ve read it, I think these are really important to understand, and I think there are too many people out there giving bad advice on solving problems when something like this could be used instead.

For example, what if you need to know with of the F-14s on the USS Enterprise weren’t involved in that dogfight with Maverick and Iceman shooting down those 4 MiGs?  You could do a custom report, but a Cross-Filter is easier.  Don’t forget to exclude Hollywood’s plane, it was shot down.

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Security – My Favourite Explanation


Security in Salesforce is not something that I’ll go into in too much detail unless I decide to change the approach of this site because it just isn’t as applicable to using dev orgs.  It is however very, very applicable to providing a solution to clients.

Security is not just about locking down information so that others can’t see it, it’s also about limiting what they can see to improve their user experience by filtering out the noise.

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