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Web to Anything Part 2 – Deleting the Lead using Process Builder and Flow

My last post explained how to leverage Process Builder  and Web to Lead functionality to create a record for any object in Salesforce directly from a website.

At the end of that post I said I needed to still figure out how to delete the garbage lead that I just created, but that I’d be back to show people how, so here I am.

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Workflow for the 95%


My experience over the years has found that people can almost always come up with a reason why automation doesn’t work for their business case.

This is also known as “because I’m special” logic.

What I want to do is propose a few ways to break through that barrier and get automation going for your organization.

Once you start, everyone will love it, you just have to get over that first hump.

What I propose you do is build for 95% of situations.  I could say 99% which is closer to the truth, but then it sounds like the whole 99% of people thing which was cool for awhile.  It also isn’t true for this case – it’s for 100% of people, just 95% of cases.


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Wine App Part 3 – Fields and “Hidden” fields


If my title is unclear, I’m building a Wine App for my own use to track the wineries my wife and I visit, the wine we buy, and the wine we drink.  So far I’ve covered off my initial planning in Part 1, and the changes I had to make in Part 2 to adjust for some limitations.  I want to get this thing off the ground so that I can get everything into a system, so what I’ve been working on is getting all the fields ready, and any other setup that I’ve had to work on.  In this post I want to talk a little bit about creating fields for other reasons – ie not just for the page layout.  I want people to understand that a lot of bringing value is showing the business what they don’t know, and fields only for reporting, or only for related lists are a great way to do this.

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Wine App


So that’s the wine cellar I’d like to have some day…..

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