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Wine App


So that’s the wine cellar I’d like to have some day…..

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This is a tough one to write but we are all guilty of it.  I’m writing a website dedicated to living my own life through Salesforce1 and I still catch myself making a quick memo in OneNote or using some stupid default message pad that came with my Android phone.

So, if you as an Admin are catching yourself doing this, imagine what your users feel like when the system is pushed onto them involuntarily.  I’ll tell you right now that every business starts out thinking that they’ll change the way people do business. You can give people the best system in the world, but if you don’t catch them in time they’ll quickly revert back their old ways.  This results in making Salesforce into exactly what they had before with no gain, just a different system of record.  I see this all the time.  Requirements for Salesforce quickly change from solving a problem to needing some detailed piece of information because users are used to having it, and therefore must have it moving forward.  Never mind how often it’s actually reported on or reviewed by management.

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Tracking restaurants that I want to go to has always been one of those things that has bothered me.  How hard can this possibly be?  Yet when the time comes to actually pick a restaurant to go out to, I’ve got nothing.

I was poking around Spring 15 release notes and came across this:


Literally the first thing that came to mind wasn’t business, wasn’t letting my clients know, it was that I can now track restaurants in Salesforce and know exactly where they are, thus saving those elusive clicks when my wife inevitably asks “where is it”?  Job done, I just look on here and assuming I’ve entered the address – I’ve got the information.

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It’s Christmas Time!


Which means time for gifts.  You know what drives me nuts?  Lots of things but here are two of them related specifically to Christmas

  1. Remembering all my great gift ideas for myself that I thought of throughout the year
  2. Finding the emails that the rest of my family sent months ago with their own gift requests

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