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Hacking Salesforce Record Access – Editing a Read-Only Record

Access Granted

It’s been a little while since I posted but this solution got me back into the swing of things.  There was a question on Answers, not unlike others that have come before it, about how to open up one field for edit by non-owners in a public read-only environment.  Not a different profile, not custom pages, just one field that non-owners can edit on each other’s records.

This is one of those things that comes up now and again, and the answer is always that it isn’t really the way Salesforce is built.  The difference this time is that it bothered me enough to come up with something.  I decided to roll up my sleeves, break out my “try crazy stuff” developer edition, and see where I could take things.

Once it’s done, the solution is remarkably simple.  So here it is:

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Email Alert on Deleted Records – No Code

Delete on Email

This is my contribution to No Code November and a way to demonstrate how you can use Flow to create an email alert each time a record is deleted.  This type of question, especially around record deletion, comes up a lot on the Answers community and if you google it, most of what comes up is Apex-based solutions.

Since Process Builder doesn’t currently support actions on delete we need to be a little bit more creative with this one. Continue reading

Login Flow – Conditional and Customizable as of Summer ’15

It’s not often I get excited thinking about the possibilities for something, but as of Summer ’15 I don’t see a reason why every Salesforce org shouldn’t have at least one Login Flow queued up and ready to be used at the switch of a custom setting

Login Flow is one of those underrated pieces of Salesforce that people just haven’t started using yet.  I think that entering the world of Flow can be scary for a lot of people, and at first glance it also appears relatively inflexible.  You can set a message, but you have to set the same message for everyone in a profile, you assign it by profile, and to change the message you have to create a new version of the flow.  Just saying the words “New Version” is enough to scare off clients with a structured deployment and ALM process

This question came up on the Success Community today which triggered my memory on the release notes, which got me thinking how we can really make this work and be flexible for both messaging, and also the timing of when the message is used.

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Web to Anything Form using Process Builder


Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case have been around for a long time and are a great way to capture information from a website and have it logged right in Salesforce.

But what if you wanted to use them for something different instead?  Like a “Web-to-Anything” form?

Using a Developer Org is a great way to practice setting up one of these, using Process Builder to turn the lead/case into just about anything else, and seeing how it works before trying to apply it to a specific business case.

Here is how I game the Web-to-Lead process to create something else instead:


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