Birthdays in Salesforce

Birthdays – one of those minor things I get asked about a lot because the way the field is structured confuses people.  If you’ve never looked at the default Birthday field, you’ll notice that there is a year associated with it.


I understand, no sense in creating a new field type just for recurring birthdays, but still, it’s a little silly.  Especially when buried in Salesforce help it tells you that this field, and this field only, ignores the year value in filter criteria


So if you have a list view for Birthdays THIS MONTH, it will ignore the year.  A report will do the same thing.  They went to that trouble, probably years ago, but they still make you pick a year as part of the date.

The problem here, is that any kind of automation or workflow still considers the year.  So I can run a report or a list view and see all November birthdays, but I can’t be reminded of them through automation without changing the year – every year.

For someone like me, this doesn’t do a lot of good.  This post can be used to explain the behaviour of the field, but in my experience end users don’t like the explanation.  In my next post I’ll show a few options for how to fix this

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