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Month: October 2015

Email Alert on Deleted Records – No Code

Delete on Email

This is my contribution to No Code November and a way to demonstrate how you can use Flow to create an email alert each time a record is deleted.  This type of question, especially around record deletion, comes up a lot on the Answers community and if you google it, most of what comes up is Apex-based solutions.

Since Process Builder doesn’t currently support actions on delete we need to be a little bit more creative with this one. Continue reading

Geoff.Dreamforce@gmail.com – I’d do it again


*Hint – not a real email address*

This is a quick post to show you guys why I decided to cut yet another completely free Developer Edition of Salesforce for the sole purpose of attending and functioning at Dreamforce this year.

Even though I consider it a strength, my wife would say that I’m slightly compulsive when it comes to planning itineraries, especially around travel.  The more I looked at the Dreamforce15 app the less comfortable I got with relying solely on it for my travels.  Hopefully everyone gets to see a few reasons why getting more than one developer org can be helpful, even for small and short use cases like this

Continue reading

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