It’s not often I get excited thinking about the possibilities for something, but as of Summer ’15 I don’t see a reason why every Salesforce org shouldn’t have at least one Login Flow queued up and ready to be used at the switch of a custom setting

Login Flow is one of those underrated pieces of Salesforce that people just haven’t started using yet.  I think that entering the world of Flow can be scary for a lot of people, and at first glance it also appears relatively inflexible.  You can set a message, but you have to set the same message for everyone in a profile, you assign it by profile, and to change the message you have to create a new version of the flow.  Just saying the words “New Version” is enough to scare off clients with a structured deployment and ALM process

This question came up on the Success Community today which triggered my memory on the release notes, which got me thinking how we can really make this work and be flexible for both messaging, and also the timing of when the message is used.

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