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Month: June 2015

Web to Anything Part 2 – Deleting the Lead using Process Builder and Flow

My last post explained how to leverage Process Builder  and Web to Lead functionality to create a record for any object in Salesforce directly from a website.

At the end of that post I said I needed to still figure out how to delete the garbage lead that I just created, but that I’d be back to show people how, so here I am.

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Web to Anything Form using Process Builder


Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case have been around for a long time and are a great way to capture information from a website and have it logged right in Salesforce.

But what if you wanted to use them for something different instead?  Like a “Web-to-Anything” form?

Using a Developer Org is a great way to practice setting up one of these, using Process Builder to turn the lead/case into just about anything else, and seeing how it works before trying to apply it to a specific business case.

Here is how I game the Web-to-Lead process to create something else instead:


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