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Month: April 2015

Junction Object Explained – Works Every Time

Ever tried to explain a junction object to business users prior to implementing?

Struggle to find the right example because they can poke holes in any real business example?

Ever feel like you might as well be explaining nuclear physics to a wombat?

I want to propose one that has yet to fail me

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Getting Around Email Restrictions at Work


Let’s say that hypothetically you are currently working at a place that doesn’t allow you to access Gmail/Yahoo Mail/Outlook web mail, etc because it’s blocked.

Let’s say that you see the emails come in on your phone but really hate responding to emails on your phone because:

  • Typos are annoying to you to see later
  • You make typos when using your phone
  • You tend to be long winded, possibly why you find a blog fun to write

Let’s say that not responding to emails drives you nuts, but by the time you get home you’ll forget

Let’s say that this hypothetical workplace has Salesforce, and you can always access your own Developer Org from there

What if I told you there was a way to bring all these things together and get around this whole mess completely.  Is that something you might be interested in?

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